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2015 Habitat X Summer National Conference

The Habitat X Network — the conferences, the publications, and the professional network – is now entering its fourth year. Often portrayed as the think tank of the energy management industry, this event is one part conference, one part technical training, and one part industry summit. You can expect a potent mix of technical training, personal skill refinement, and industry brainstorming that will change the way you approach your work.  We solve problems. We develop solutions. We create the future.

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Who Should Attend

This is the place where forward-looking individuals meet to expand their careers, improve their businesses, and move their industries toward success. They come from various sectors of the energy and housing industries:

  • Gas and Electric Utilities
  • Government and Regulatory Agencies
  • Home Performance and HVAC Contractors
  • Architecture and Engineering Firms
  • Energy Efficiency Specialists

Each year, we work diligently with industry stakeholders to develop the strongest program possible. Participants go back to their jobs, with a renewed focus and and connection to their industry.

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The Time and Place

Big Sky Resort
The Fourth Annual Summer National will be held Tuesday July 21st through Thursday July 23, 2015. The conference will be held at Big Sky Resort in Montana, one of the finest conference facilities in North America.

Many attendees will bring their families, and come before the conference or stay late to take in the sights. If you’d like, we’ll include them in lunch any day, or for the Tuesday evening reception — you’ll have the option to include these extra meals during the registration process here on the website. Once you register for the conference, we’ll send you a packet of information to help you plan your vacation. We hope you can join us!

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Registration is Open

You can register for the event right here at the website. Once you’re signed up, a staff member will contact you to discuss how we can best meet your personal and professional objectives for the event. Learn About Registration.

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The Program

Each year, we create a unique program in response to the evolution of industry, technology, and culture. At least half our program is dedicated to plenary sessions that include everyone. For focused workshops, we break into smaller groups. Participants get to pick and choose, but we guarantee one thing: participants always go home with the tools to boost their careers and power their businesses to the next level.

Panel Discussions

The Habitat X Conferences hinge around the daily panel discussions. We moderate these free-ranging and inclusive dialogues to draw from the expertise within the group. We develop these panels throughout the year, assuring that we have pre-eminent experts in the room. But these panel discussions often take on a life of their own, as we learn about the expertise of each conference participant and we build the final list of panelists. And this inclusive approach defines the Habitat X Conferences — because everyone is a participant, and no one sits in the back of the room.

Professional Development Workshops

BPI logo

We get some of our best work done in the professional development workshops. Many participants regard these sessions as their opportunity to go back to college for a few days and focus on learning that’s truly relevant to their current profession.

This conference is approved for 21 continuing education credits from the Building Performance Institute.

Technical Workshops

At the Habitat X Conferences, we don’t focus on technology for its own sake. This is not the place, for example, to come get trained as a technician. But when we see important new technologies that are changing industries, we are extremely interested in bringing these tools to the people in the Habitat X network. Our goal is to show you where technology is headed so you can position yourself or your organization to take advantage of new tools and techniques.


We schedule the free-wheeling Habitat X interviews for the last session of the day, so we can all gather, relax, and hear what others have to say. We try to seat people for interviews who have extraordinary stories to tell, and who we believe can offer relevant guidance for the other people in the room. Unlike the Panel Discussions, we don’t record or re-broadcast the interviews because we like the frank and open dialogue that thrives when the conversation stays in the room.

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No matter what the venue, I come away from time with Chris enriched with better knowledge, technique, and perspective towards the building performance world. — Arthur Beeken, Chair, North Bay Chapter of Efficiency First

ChrisDChris Dorsi X leads Habitat X with the support of consulting trainers, facilitators, and subject matter experts from around North America. We provide training solutions to the sustainable housing industry, working with individuals and organizations to optimize the performance of people and their systems.

Our core services are the Habitat X Conferences, held both at our headquarters in Helena, Montana, and at various host locations. These focused and fast-moving events redefine the professional conference to meet the evolving needs of the modern marketplace.

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