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The 2014 Habitat X Journal

We publish the Habitat X Journal twice a year, in conjunction with the Habitat X Conferences. This edition was released in August 2014. The next edition of the Journal will be published in conjunction with the first Habitat X European Conference, to be held in Madrid, Spain in April 2015.

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You’ll find an wide-ranging set of articles here — academic reports describing research projects, editorial columns advocating for the most important industry initiatives, economic summaries penned by business owners, and technology updates from the people that design and build homes. What do these articles have in common? They all address topics that we believe could change how you approach home performance industry. 

You can browse selected articles from the thumbnails below. Or — if you’d like to receive a complete copy of the Journal as a downloadable PDF or as a printed-and-mailed copy, you can purchase a Habitat X membership here.

Authors in this issue include Nate Adams, Ryan Boswell, Chris Dorsi, Seth Godin, Heather Higinbotham, Amory Lovings, Steve Malon, Casey Murphy, Joe Medosch, Jeffery Moore, Bill Spohn, Brad Turner, J West, Larry Zarker, and others.

Anatomy of an Analyzer

Anatomy of an Analyzer. An engineer’s tour through the components of a common combustion analyzer, lead by Bill Spohn of TruTech Tools.

To the Insulation and HVAC Industries: Please Work Together

To the Insulation and HVAC Industries. With Steve Malon of the High Performance Insulation Contractors, and Casey Murphy of ICF & EPA Home Performance with Energy Star.

How One Guy Sells Home Performance

How One Guy Sells Home Performance. A blog post with commentary, written for consumers by Nate Adams of Energy Smart Home Performance.

Big Data Offers Big Solutions

Big Data Offers Big Solutions. Habitat X faculty members Joe Medosch and J West explain why this group of new technologies is about to change the effectiveness of the home performance industry.

Excel at Advanced Diagnostics

Excel at Advanced Diagnostics. Chris Dorsi and J West share a practical set of guidelines – won by hard experience – to help you keep your wits about you when the testing gets tough.


YesHaus: Perhaps the Best Future of Housing. Visionary builder Duke Elliott tells about the success and challenge of building truly sustainable homes – pre-fab style – in Bozeman, Montana.

A Regional Framework for Sustainable Development

A Regional Framework for Sustainable Development. A program update from community activist Heather Higinbotham of the Bozeman Climate Partners.

New Nexus of Health and Energy.

The New Nexus of Health and Energy. An industry vision statement and plan for action, by Larry Zarker of the Building Performance Institute.

Southface, After All These Years

Southface, After All These Years. A report on the success of a highly effective industry player, by Brad Turner of Southface Energy Institute.

Habitat X is providing the venue that will give Home Performance a future. Chris’ ability to lead groups and move thought processes forward is unsurpassed. He is both a visionary and a practical thinker and doer. — Colin Genge, Retrotec, Inc.

ChrisDChris Dorsi X leads Habitat X with the support of consulting trainers, facilitators, and subject matter experts from around North America. We provide training solutions to the sustainable housing industry, working with individuals and organizations to optimize the performance of people and their systems.

Our core services are the Habitat X Conferences, held both at our headquarters in Helena, Montana, and at various host locations. These focused and fast-moving events redefine the professional conference to meet the evolving needs of the modern marketplace.

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