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2014 Summer National Conference

Habitat X Summer National is an event like no other. Often portrayed as the think tank of the home performance industry, this event is one part conference, one part technical training, and one part industry summit. You can expect a potent mix of technical training, personal skill refinement, and industry brainstorming that will change the way you approach your work.

Giant Prismatic Spring

The Location

The 2014 Summer National Conference will held August 25-28, 2014 at the enviable Conference Center at Chico Hot Springs. It’s 25 miles from the North Entrance of Yellowstone National Park, and only a few hours drive from Glacier National Park. Accommodations are economical and easy to arrange — you can book a room right at Chico Hot Springs, camp on the nearby Yellowstone River, or stay inside Yellowstone National Park at the renowned Mammoth Springs Hotel.

The Participants

This is the place where movers and shakers of the home performance industry meet to expand their careers, improve their businesses, and move their industries. We solve problems. We develop solutions. We create the future.

The Program

We’ve worked diligently with industry stakeholders to develop our strongest program ever for the 2014 Summer National Conference. It’ll follow three distinct tracks with topics of relevance to anyone who works in the field of home performance, sustainable housing, or renewable energy.

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The sense of openness and creativity at the Habitat X Conference was fantastic. — Jeff Catlin, Director of Education Services, ECONTC

ChrisDChris Dorsi X leads Habitat X with the support of consulting trainers, facilitators, and subject matter experts from around North America. We provide training solutions to the sustainable housing industry, working with individuals and organizations to optimize the performance of people and their systems.

Our core services are the Habitat X Conferences, held both at our headquarters in Helena, Montana, and at various host locations. These focused and fast-moving events redefine the professional conference to meet the evolving needs of the modern marketplace.

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